Review of Reason

Reason with Sensibility In An Age of Capitalist Fancy, Madness and Delusion


Where? For meaning and purpose, we speak, think, listen, read, and write, which all too often becomes subservient to less important matters in our being distracted in life’s true meaning and purpose. In what some call existential, philosophical and faith based which also loses sight in becoming subservient to less important matters.

Where in the world is this going to? and why is it going there? and how can these connections be made? and who does what, when and how?

These are all good questions but often there are not answers for everything there should be, and there are all too many answers for what should not be addressed. The world and life is complicated and even though human beings bewildered, obstructed and hindered are delayed in answer it all often continues onward and forward. Not that many people want things to change and continue but because they have no power to stop it and can’t stop it even if they try.

This all can be called paradox, and I am often (not always) at a loss to figure out the universe and explain it. In fact I don’t want to be able to explain everything merely what seems important at some significant moment in time and space, often enjoying the paradoxes of living and existing the universe seems a much better place which is more palatable (I am tempted to say in the twilight zone but I won’t ). Because in all seriousness the world often needs a reason to exist and to go on for often it is an existence of refugee and concentration camps, filled with people hungry and yearning to be free.

Who are we that before us is not they but for the grace of god and greed of man goes u in what better can be understood in logic by means of feelings, and in feelings by a means of logic balanced and moderated in modern thinking unshackled in thought and action by what is true, living, and good, or good, in being life and true, or true in life and good, rather than dogma, superstition, falsehood, deceit, and barbaric traditions.

Scientifically finding a lexicon of language for use within time, material existence and words, thoughts, language, wisdom and  truth, always truth for without truth there is nothing and by its grace does all follow.

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