As under Apartheid under the racist South African regime that existed in South Africa many Americans rationalize political issues that justify the many forms of Apartheid  that exists in the United States today. These people who claim South African and US citizenship as Africans and Americans are anything but South Africans and Americans.

“[Aparthied] The system of racial segregation in South Africa known as apartheid was implemented and enforced by a large number of acts and other laws. This legislation served to institutionalize racial discrimination and the dominance by white people over people of other races. While the bulk of this legislation was enacted after the election of the National Party government in 1948, it was preceded by discriminatory legislation enacted under earlier British and Afrikaner governments. Apartheid is distinguished from segregation in other countries by the systematic way in which it was formalized in law.”  (Wikipedia , Apartheid Laws)

Much like Jim Crow Laws in the United States where Jim Crows were

“were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States. Enacted by white Democratic-dominated state legislatures in the late 19th century after the Reconstruction period, these laws continued to be enforced until 1965.”  (Wikipedia , Jim Crow Laws)

Though the laws of Apartheid and Jim Crow were abolished since there are vestiges of those laws still in existence to today either by court decision, statutes, or by custom and tradition.

Where those laws exist weither or not there is legal foundation or basis for them to exist, none the less the lame pathetic arguments that justify do so as in the instance of the US laws regarding identification and the need to carry identification though there is no national US requirement of  that all citizens obtain and  carry identification to say the least as in none at all.

Much like South Africa the United States and Israel amongst numerous countries have laws very similar to the pass laws of  South African Apartheid:

“In South Africa, pass laws were a form of internal passport system designed to segregate the population, manage urbanisation, and allocate migrant labour. Also known as the natives law, pass laws severely limited the movements of not only black African citizens, but other peoples as well by requiring them to carry pass books when outside their homelands or designated areas. Before the 1950s, this legislation largely applied to African men, and attempts to apply it to women in the 1910s and 1950s were met with significant protests. Pass laws would be one of the dominant features of the country’s apartheid system, until it was effectively ended in 1986.” (Wikipedia , Pass Laws)

Today based on the fascist contrived pretexts of Democrats and Republicans , Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives who have seized control of the government of the United States, the government states in essence that all citizens are required to carry identification at all times even though there is no such laws that requires citizens to carry Identification.

God Bless Pennsylvania

“Planning domestic travel next year? You won’t need a passport just yet. Pennsylvania has been granted another extension to comply with the Real ID law, which requires driver’s licenses meet tougher security standards, Gov. Tom Wolf said Thursday. That means residents can continue to use current PennDOT-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards to access federal facilities and pass through airport security through Oct. 10, 2018. Pennsylvania will continue applying for extensions until the state is fully compliant with the Real ID law.” ( York Daily Record, Pa. gets Real ID extension: Driver’s licenses valid through fall 2018 at airport security Abbey Zelko, azelko@ydr.com Published 11:06 a.m. ET Oct. 20, 2017 Updated 1:14 p.m. ET Oct. 20, 2017)

Where that author stated:

“I am thankful that (the Department of Homeland Security) has recognized Pennsylvania’s efforts in becoming compliant with the REAL ID Act,” Wolf said. “Real ID is a priority for PennDOT, and we look forward to being able to offer REAL ID-compliant products as an option for our customers.” PennDOT expects Real ID-compliant driver’s licenses to be available in March 2019. Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, residents will need a Real ID-compliant license, passport or other federally approved identification to board flights or visit a federal building.”

To say the least why should poor people pay for these stupid laws while the rich and their hired and bribed politicians drive around the country in chauffeured around in limousines or be traveling without the need to saw identifcation in private aircraft.

None the less or perhaps even more so why should law abiding citizens be required to carry these balls and chains that tethers them like animals to the World’s Greatest Police State that pathetically pretends it is not a police state.

Based on the aforementioned pathetic arguments of contrived fascist pretexts, both of Democrats and Republicans , Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives who have seized control of the government of the United States so as to treasonously dismantle it, where the government states in essence that all citizens are required to carry identification at all times even though there has never been any no such laws in the history of the United States of America that requires citizens to carry Identification, and to subject themselves to the unconstitutional intrusions of the state that violates average citizens residents and visitors on a daily basis.

As such it is time that people should not renew their identification and to resist by requiring the police who suspiciously abuse their rights by demanding such identification in search of wanted criminals and terrorists to bring them downtown as the Television of Hollywood is incline to say  so as to do their jobs.

Where though up to date Republicans and Democrats have focused pathetically on the supposed need for Voter ID Laws (mainly establishment political figures and the coporate media) the real question is weither or not any needs ID in the first places considering the billions of dollars spent annually by State and federal government agencies in the United States to:


Based on:

“Stop and identify” statutes are statutory laws in the United States that authorize police[1] to legally obtain the identification of someone whom they reasonably suspect of having committed a crime. If there is no reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed, is being committed, or is about to be committed, an individual is not required to provide identification, even in “Stop and ID” states.” (Wikipedia, Stop and Identify Statutes)

As the World’s Greatest Police State and Gulag uses these laws to violate the human rights of all that live there, and groups like the NAACP, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the ACLU, et cetera in that they are tied directly to the Republican and Democratic Parties, argue agaisnt the proposed Voter ID Laws but miss the greater challenge in that no one should be required to carry ID.

Author: Andrew Stergiou

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