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Avigdor Lieberman BRUCH or BRUCHA? update


Avigdor Lieberman BRUCH or BRUCHA?

In light of the Einstein formula E=MC2 these Zionist views that purport to represent the state and condition of Israel and the Middle east are knowingly, willfully, premeditatedly, intentionally just as guilty of terrorism as any action by their creation HAMAS. HAMAS was created to divide the Palestinian efforts, political groups, individuals, strategy, tactics, resources etc based upon their context within a frame work of time; and just as Noam Chomsky my learned colleague can be wrong in the vague manner he speaks in attacking the friends and supporters of Israel, Jews, Zionists, Israel, for their actions, so too are “the friends and supporters of Israel, Jews, Zionists, Israel” wrong in their actions if these complex multi-level tactics and strategies can be grasped.


So by the time the news if read and the parties involved as individuals have time to drink their coffee kiss their wives and read the newspaper the situation has already changed, and, then the process begins again.

It is wonderful that there are so many JEWS and MUSLIMS willing to waste their resources on such a terrible perpetual tragedy that most often has worsened problems with the only respite being for the parties to catch their breath to begin again the same hell.

At 60 years of age as some kind of a lousy Jew who first learned about Israel during the 6 day war in 1967 in the synagogues of Flatbush Brooklyn it would be a pleasure if I was invited to come to Israel but no one invited me, Abraham Foxman of the ADL did not invite me, Joseph E. Seagram the Bronfman family, Benjamin Netanyahu, Natan Sharansky did not invite me, though they have programs for young people visit Israel I doubt those outreach programs are as honest and genuine as they may seem but no one ever invited me , no ever made it easy on me and “Why should any one care?”. as I can try to volunteer for the Israeli conscription or Kibbutz but already too old many years ago where Israel in this day and age has abandoned Jews to their fate worldwide  as unwanted for yesterday were the immigration of those whop were  prisoners of Nazi concentration camps as today is hebrew speaking canters, mena and women especially women as they produce babies, with brains, money, and muscle not the aged sick and infirmed Jews of the world, just as it does not need Arabs of any sort except as cheap ghetto labor, as also as a Jew what they would they offer . BUBKES NADA ZILCH.

Why because that is the way it is no hatred, no bitterness, just an ice cold ignorant cold shoulder and an icy stare in what has changed Israel from the pride of the Middle East into just another country in the Middle East. Because what secular Jews and Arabs have in common is that they do not fit the stereotype of their ZIONIST AND HAMAS cousins who we HATE PASSIONATELY. Where nostalgically we look back to the secular insanity of Ben Gurion and his yoga, Golda Meir as a school teacher in Wisconsin,

Class photo at the Fourth Street School in Milwaukee, 1912. Golda is at the far right. Inset: Golda as a young teacher in Milwaukee, 1917

Class photo at the Fourth Street School in Milwaukee, 1912. Golda is at the far right. Inset: Golda as a young teacher in Milwaukee, 1917

and yes even Yasser Arafat and Menachem Begin the young terrorists we so much admired and respected, along with Generals Moshe Dayan and and Gamal Abdel Nasser

General Moshe dayan as a young man

General Moshe dayan as a young man

whose leadership deposed the old regime of feudalists who lorded over Palestine as a fiefdom of the Ottoman Empire where so much was shared in common, though no more.

Gamal Abdul Nasser

General Gamal Abdel Nasser as a young man 

What this article below does not say because it is less than honest and truthful is that it represents the Avigdor Lieberman part of the current government administration of Benjamin Netanyahu and the third way concept where the Palestinians get sent some where else through that represents an ironic travesty from a biblical context in that though torah states shall not steal nor covet thy neighbors goods, nor bear false witness it seems all the major parties have done just that by their highly questionable means of “reductionism” “the practice of analyzing and describing a complex phenomenon in terms of phenomena that are held to represent a simpler or more fundamental level, especially when this is said to provide a sufficient explanation” again which according to E=MC2 is not possible in the callous and indifferent manner that has been prevalent in these countries.

REDUCTIONISM which if only your mother did not meet your father you would not have to wake up tomorrow because:

What this author of that article in the NEW YORK TIMES leaves out in their whining about terrorism and Hamas in that HAMAS WAS A CREATION OF ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE SO AS TO CREATE A FORSE TO DIVIDE PALESTINIANS AND OFF SET THE ADVANCES OF THE PLO ARAFAT AND NOW WHAT IS THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY ???? How is it that these right wing criminals are allowed to murder their parents and then allowed to plead innocent because they are orphans who double for god knows what as I call them criminal though as politicians they must have some “good excuse”. where the reason for existence in defending Israel is also created by them in the first place.

Do those who dare call themselves Jews do so with thoughts of putting Palestinians in concentration camp type ghettos, for if that is the case they have done a great job, in creating HAMAS, dividing Palestinians, marginalizing moderate Palestinian leaders and arming themselves for the slaughter of all Palestinians by means of conventional chemical biological or nuclear weapons as threats to Israel but to be honest they destroy all of what they call Israel as that is not what god will call Israel but a holocaust, where there are the rich and the poor, Jew and Gentile, where money may buy for a moment or season in hell comfort, within the institutional basis of what is nominally a Jewish state but what murders itself in an effort to save itself. in what was the only democratically elected state in the Middle East but which now is something else where we must bear responsibility for the nationalists in Israel’s creation of HAMAS.


“Hamas launched in 1988 in Gaza at the time of the first intifada, or uprising, with a charter now infamous for its anti-Semitism and its refusal to accept the existence of the Israeli state. But for more than a decade prior, Israeli authorities actively enabled its rise.”

“Israel Created Two of Its Own Worst Enemies—Hamas and Hezbollah
By Donald Neff”

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas
Updated Jan. 24, 2009 12:01 a.m. ET
Moshav Tekuma, Israel

* “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction.”

So why do so many of the extremists blame me for saying what they as Zionists and Palestinian Nationalists what they do not have the honesty and guts to say publicly in a clear and concise manner? WHY?


The Opinion Pages | OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR

For Israel, Two-State Is No Solution

PhotoCredit Marta Monteiro

JERUSALEM — Recent events in the Middle East are a reminder of how the old models of peace between Israel and the Palestinians are no longer relevant. The time has come to rethink the two-state solution.

This past summer, Hamas and its allies fired over 4,500 rockets and mortars at Israel, demonstrating once again what happens when we evacuate territory to the so-called 1967 lines and hand it over to our adversaries. Peace is not obtained. Rather, we are met by war and bloodshed.

The rise of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, and other extreme elements in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, make the risks just as clear. Israel cannot afford to gamble with its security. There are no second chances in the volatile Middle East.

That is why, for its security, Israel cannot withdraw from more territory and cannot allow for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank. If we were to pull out of the West Bank, the entire country would become a target for terrorists who would be able to set up rocket launchers adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem and on the hills above the runways of Ben-Gurion International Airport and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Take the Jordan Valley. The Palestinians demand that Israel withdraw from this narrow piece of land, which borders Jordan. But if we do so in today’s climate, we potentially open the door for the Islamic State and other extremists to flood into the new Palestinian state. We cannot take that risk.

How do I know? Because it happened. Not once, not twice, but three times.

In the mid-1990s, we pulled out of Palestinian cities as part of the Oslo agreement. In 2000, the second intifada erupted and over 1,000 Israelis were killed in attacks carried out by terrorists, many of whom came from the very cities we had evacuated.

When we pulled out of Lebanon in 2000, we saw a significant strengthening of Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militia. During the second Lebanon war six years later, Hezbollah fired more than 4,300 rockets at our cities.

And in 2005, we withdrew from the Gaza Strip and handed it over to the Palestinian Authority. We were told that Gaza would turn into the Singapore of the Middle East and that peace would grow out of the greenhouses the Jewish residents had left behind.

Instead, those greenhouses were used to cover up terrorists’ tunnels dug across the border into Israeli towns and villages. Gaza quickly turned into a fortress of terror.

But this does not mean all hope is lost. There is still much we can do to improve ties with our Arab neighbors, to generate peace and to cultivate economic prosperity for all people who live in this land.

The secret is bottom-up peace. After more than two decades of working on a single solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — the establishment of a Palestinian state — it is time to realize that coexistence and peaceful relations will not be obtained through artificial processes imposed on us from above. Instead, I propose a four-step plan.

First, we would work to upgrade the Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank, in the areas largely under Palestinian control (known as Areas A and B, according to the Oslo Accords). Ideally, this will be done in coordination with the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinians will have political independence, hold their own elections, select their own leadership, run their own schools, maintain their own social services and issue their own building permits. They should govern themselves and run their day-to-day lives. Israel should not interfere. Much of this already exists, but we can do better.

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This Palestinian entity will be short of a state. It will not control its own borders and will not be allowed to have a military.

Gaza already functions like a state, but the Hamas government in control there is bent on Israel’s destruction. As long as Gaza remains on this path, it cannot be a party to any agreement.

The second step will see the massive upgrade of roads and infrastructure, as well as the removal of roadblocks and checkpoints throughout the West Bank. The objective will be to ensure freedom of movement for all residents — Palestinian and Israeli — and to improve their quality of life.

No peace, though, can last without economic viability. So the third step will be to build economic bridges of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

In my former career as a high-tech entrepreneur, I saw how diverse people from different backgrounds could learn to work together in pursuit of economic prosperity. Already, there are 15 industrial zones in the West Bank where Israelis work alongside about 15,000 Palestinians. These zones pump about $300 million a year into the Palestinian economy. Imagine what another 15 industrial zones could do.

Lastly, I propose applying Israeli law in Area C, which is the part of the West Bank controlled by Israel under the Oslo agreement. The Palestinians who live there would be offered full Israeli citizenship. We can start with the known settlement blocs that everyone agrees will remain part of Israel even under a final status agreement. By applying Israeli law and asserting national sovereignty in those blocs, while upgrading Palestinian autonomy in Areas A and B, we will reduce the scope of territory in dispute, making it easier to reach a long-term agreement in the future.

I am aware that the world will not immediately accept this proposal. It seems to go against everything Israel, the Palestinians and the international community have worked toward over the last 20 years. But I will work to make this plan government policy because there is a new reality in the Middle East, which has brought an end to the viability of the Oslo peace process.

The regional upheaval and disintegration of nation states oblige us to act responsibly. We must work toward realistic goals that are capable of providing real security and economic prosperity.

Naftali Bennett is Israel’s minister of the economy and the leader of the Jewish Home Party.

A version of this op-ed appears in print on November 7, 2014, on page A31 of the New York edition with the headline: For Israel, Two-State Is No Solution. Order Reprints| Today’s Paper|Subscribe


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