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In what exists in the foggy recesses of my memory where dates and days are blurred there is some where in America a society that has the pretenses of being a civilized nation of civilized people, but which is a hell of torture and deprivation. It is a society that is neither dictated by race or religion, financial status, or ethnic origins though it does not hurt to be from the preferred privileged segments of the populations demographics.

Where human beings are held incommunicado under the pretexts of contrived unwarranted seizure, arrest, false charges, brought before courts without constitutional and legal jurisdiction basis to hear and try those contrived charges, in what is alleged for the medical good of the prisoner but which is a sham of any democratic society.

Where regular prisoners and prisoner mental patients are held punitively as prisoners held while on hunger strike, in that hell of complete and total isolation of the prison hospital, forcibly fed, far judicial review, far from their family friends, far from relatives, far from legal counsel and lawyers, far from the civil liberties organizations and courts, without access to the material basis for their defense protect they are denied legal research for their self representation, they are held captive under circumstances that can be called nothing more than inhumane and often less than that as torture. Prisoners are held in the complete and total darkness with prison hospitals separate from the general prison populations, on which basis prison officials, government and private generate so many rumors of pampered prisoners lounging in prison cells watching TV and living under country club conditions when nothing is farther from the truth.


Where those who have been incarcerated for the first time on minor offences is transferred to maxi-maxi super-max when the original cause contact with the law is that they alleged were in need of “medical”, “psychiatric”. Where Senator Moynihan once said there were hundreds of prisoner patients so situated in prison rather than medical facilities. In a lack of care and attention needed as society in part because of lack of consensus as to have to address the problem. that is represented by the divergent factions  torn between the pro-establishment Pro-Psychiatric Industry, pro-Hospital Heath-care Industry represented by NAMI (The National Alliance On Mental Illness) and the Anti-Psychiatric Movement most often best represented by Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, where one proponent sells services and the other sells some rather ver expensive and questionable books , courses and memberships.

Where patients and prisoners are held under conditions which are very similar to those that alleged terrorists have been held in the secret prisons of the US CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in violation of State, federal, local, and International law.

I know all the aforementioned is true as I was so seized and taken from my own home police who broke in without warrant in that they insisted I allow them entrance and took me from there without ever producing warrants for my arrest, where they then took me to a hospital facility as they had caused me to have a fever of +106 degrees F as they sprayed me with 150 doses of mace in what was a full spray bottle of MACE of the 16oz size, where that hospital, gave me a spinal tap, and placed a catheter in me without my consent (kæθɪtər/ is a thin tube extruded from medical grade materials serving a broad range of functions. Catheters are medical devices that can be inserted in the body to treat diseases or perform a surgical procedure. and when I woken took me dressed in hospital pajamas and barefooted and the flimsiest of hospital slippers to the holding tanks of the Central holding cells of beneath police headquarters.

In the end I had been subjected to many of the worst prisons in the New York State Penal System under conditions which may rival the horrible and equally inhumane condition of prisons in the rest of the country. But I remember the police lying .in stating that all they wanted was to “help me”. Police in their brutality who acted in what was a strange way of helping, that what began with one violation after another of my human rights that could be compared to any police state where the rights of the prisoner is ignored, and where today I still bare the inhumane scars of Acute Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and anxieties as the result of the illegal actions of a  criminal society which purportedly is lawfully based, humane, free, civilized, governed by the rule of law, honest, truthful but which in reality is a travesty of everything this country alleged stands for.

Where Amnesty International representatives alleged stated the patient was better off, and the issues were also strangely ignored by the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyers Guild, and dozens of groups.

end of part THE TORTURE OF AMERICANS IN AMERICA by Andrew Stergiou


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