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Support the Communist Party
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corrected update Feb. 2, 2014

That is meant to be humorous but if we follow the logic of the US Corporate media American that very well could be the headlines as these days they are longer the US corporate media not the American media. In that this is written in response to the Washington Times article and comment “The GOP’s secret campaign weapon: NYC’s uber-liberal new mayor Bill de Blasio”  (by Seth McLaughlin-The Washington Times Thursday, November 28, 2013) which I found as an extremely  perverse sense of logic.

Not to mention NYC’s new mayor Bill de Blasio may be “liberal” in the eyes of the rest of the US but not universally in New York City amongst the left though it can be said he is an improvement over Bloomberg none the less he is not Saint Thomas Aquinas, Jesus or Comrade Lenin.

Though nothing these days surprises me in what is said that comes out of the US corporate media.

Often the effects of Joseph McCarthy is examined in how that affected what allegedly is left in America. Or should I say passes as a “left” in the USA that according to the common right wing logic equates Hitler and Communist Socialism as both were “socialist”. and Obama as a Democratic president is ipso facto a liberal by the logic that all Democrats are liberals in disregard of the fact that president Obama increased government intrusions into our lives by means of surveillance and drone attacks in a long series of broken promises where today he is to the right of George W. Bush’s 2008 position .

Let’s examine the results of Joseph McCarthy as it has affected the right. Prior to WWII the Republican right was a different sort in fact many Republicans were considered often progressive and liberals. Joseph McCarthy supposedly died a long time ago in disgrace as a drug addicted lush alcoholic that Bill O Reilly reminds me of every time I see their Photos side by side, but all in all the Republican Party hard right has permanently seemed to have lost out in what frames  Robert Taft as having “sold out to the socialists” in what they in the GOP complained of for years as they do today regarding and modern Democrats or Republican:

“Education is socialistic anyhow, and has been for a hundred and fifty years,” ** Children, through no fault of their own, suffered the effects of inadequate housing and underfunded schools, said Taft, who, departing from his usual strict construction of constitutional powers, believed the federal government had a role to play in relieving those hardships. Many of his longtime supporters were not pleased, and White, in his book, related tales of old gentlemen “grumbling in their clubs” that “Taft is becoming a damn Socialist.” (The New American)

America is the perfect example of ignorance if you don’t believe me ask a right winger they are the most ignorant as all William Buckley is Dead and Republican politics represents a mad herd of dinosaurs hence the dynamics of the contentions between the establishment John McCain Hindenburg types, the Hitler Banker type Republicans and their nasty Brown Shirt Sarah Palin from the Red necks stew of American days gone by that the GOP inherited from Nixon’s Southern white racial cracker strategy.

And here the Washington Times in its pretenses of not being a Unification Church Front encourages the reactionary rabble at the same time the Republican propaganda machine walks a line slender line in reaffirming that party with not tolerate the insanity that has shown its leadership unwilling to control the vitriolic mania of its rank and file cannon fodder once those get pumped up for the 2016 football circus between the Democrats and Republicans.

Where America has no where close to the political diversity Europe has and its just as backward if not more so.

Here the Republicans and nationwide are more interested in Marxism that the Democrats and more numerous the communists socialists and anarchists are even more vitriolic as most often communists socialists and anarchists appear to be agents for the state as informers , and unions seem to support capitalism more than the US Chamber of Commerce.

All in all to support the Austrian School of Economics not only should we ship all industry to the third world so that the elite can buy cheap worthless curios we should deport the government to outsource it to foreign shores so that Americans would not have to trouble bother themselves with the details of the travesties of a society controlled from left to right by sophisticated network of police agents and spies.

Yes capitalism has done great things while 1/3 of the world lives on less than $1 a day and another third live on less than $2 a day and since 1917 and the Russian Bolshevik revolution under capitalism millions of people die regularly in what statistically is reported in what does not include poor education standards illiteracy inadequate legal systems on the job accidents industrial accidents toxic waste car airplane accidents crime for profit and idiocy such as those who present capitalism as without sin? For “none are born without sin”!

Hypertension 7.8 million
Smoking tobacco 5.0 million
Malnutrition 3.8 million
Sexually transmitted diseases 3.0 million
Poor diet 2.8 million
Overweight and obesity 2.5 million
Physical inactivity 2.0 million
Alcohol 1.9 million
Indoor air pollution from solid fuels 1.8 million
Unsafe water and poor sanitation 1.6 million

Totalling 32.2 million a year dead from the ills of capitalism in what amounts to 3.09 billion nominally dead from the ills of capitalism which does not include the many wars it has to subsidize the arms industry

When the bible says none are born without sin especially the religious hypocrites of all flavors yummy unified in bedlam without true principles of focus and direction as wild beast that strike out merely in what is divisive politics simply because during the football game one is a Democrat and the other is Republican??

But wait what about the many independents who are forced to the sidelines as but of the pep squad rather than the football team? Why? Because that has been dictated for the last 96 years since the Palmer Raids that the KKK supported Democratic President Woodrow Wilson rather than Alfred E Smith repressed not merely what was socialist communist anarchist IWW foreign born labor and free thinking but all America itself, in what continued in the 1920s anti labor Pinkerton spying network, support of the Nazi Bund and anti-Semitic fascists like Henry Ford in Fordism, the racist Japanese detention in the US (not Italian and Germans,

In year after year of police state terror and repression that the Republican Party has not appeared with few exceptions to support so it is no surprise that Dick Armey opportunistically on behalf of his own self and the Republican and Democratic elites locked the Tea party rank and file out of their own office and then extorted them for bribes to get it back to the tune of many hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

So the Republican Tea Poop wants to bitch about Liberals and Democrats?
Too bad as Republicans they have no integrity and make Obomber so liberal in their raving mad critiques for he is not and as I have called for a full investigation of the shadow government police state from the IRS and NSA to the local police in what Republicans and Democrats can not resolve as they are the problem.

Where are the hard core anti-state Republicans in rural communities and town which was the bedrock base of support for them? while so many Republicans are on food stamps and welfare? whose children attend public schools? Who get abortions privately? Drink and gamble and do drugs in secret? Watch porn? Sounds like a bunch of what Republicans call Democrats? Yes they say one thing and just like Democrats they do another. And who is going to referee that football game the Democrats or the Republicans? and if neither how much more of the nonsense that since 1979 saw this country drift further and further to the right and away from being number one on many fields with dramatic loses of its industrial base to third with minimal benefit where the youth of America have fewer and fewer skills and job experience beyond the service or servant or slave industries? Where Chinese tradition protects its artisans and labor as the basis of industry the arrogance of capital think it is ok to have more money than brains!

So they should start learning to become fluent in some form of Chinese, as in “Rotscha Ruck yut Kung Pao Chicken pwease!” because the corporatists in the US and China have all too long rigged the international high stakes game of politics as they both sold out their respective countries in what risks a great deal of backlash as internationally the world suffers in an international orgy of corporate elites begun by the greedy criminal corrupt  phony political leaders of the US and China capitalism.

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