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Today’s White House Lies on Syria



In engineering initiating unilateral attacks by the United States in acts of war Obama is moving towards being as a war criminal in violation of US and International law.

In order to understand Today’s White House Lies on Syria one has to go back to the lies they expresses in their June 17, 2011 statement, presented by its spokesman Jay Carney, that said two years ago on June 17, 2011 The White House:

“we continue to call on the Syrian government to cease the violence.  We condemn the attacks on unarmed civilians and we urge the government to begin peaceful, political dialogue”

Today the Syrian Army fights for its secular Arab state against  a sorted motley crew of thieves murderers, religious fanatics, CIA Mossad agents and military advisors.

In that so far these unarmed civilians in only two years have organized and fielded an formidable army against one of the best armies in the Middle East many state that the White House then and now lies on these matters. The white House lied about “unarmed civilians being attacked by the Syrian government then and now ,

The only question is did the Obama administration lie then, now or both then and now, and was it so as to accommodate which of its long list of despotic friends like the Saudis, the Egyptian military, right wing Israelis, Turkish fascist zealots.

Who? Why did President Obama begin to involve the United States use in his lies regarding the Middle east over two years ago with the consent of the Republican party congressional  leadership.

Was it not enough to have war in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Was it really needed that President Obama initiates aggressive offensive actions against the Syrians based on fabricated evidence supplied by forces who wish to ensnare the United States in another war based solely on alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian Army.

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