Mister Chris Hedges Sir Why I Hate Impromptu Introductions


Chris hedges one off the writers in America in what one can wonder.

Chris hedges one off the writers in America in what one can wonder besides question.as respectable.

Mister Chris Hedges Sir:

Why I Hate Impromptu Introductions

Imagining from a distance I could imagine many people, the with well known people meeting well known people is that there is so much which is already publicly known.

Many people are well known though not always for the right reasons, but many people are well known, but imitate as to what they are  really like as human beings one only gathers that from brief encounters.

Calling Chris hedges the other day fairly I could accept some burden of guilt to say that i suppose “may have intruded a tad bit”.  Where after working all night in my low key station and capacity in life blogging, I was reminded of what the world is really like.  What many think of people like me, my place in the world and life? What I should do? In what those less than me in living can expect when they aspire to a tad bit more in living, even that would mean experientially they gained altruistically in what they strove with out material benefit or reward for many years.

Then the most significant thing I said to “Mr.  Chris Hedges”, when he answered the telephone was when I blurted out “Hey good morning, I just got was banned from Newsvine” and he admiringly took notice as it was deserved, as my article the day before featured President the current president of the US Barack Obama, leaning over in the White House while sitting down and shaking the hand of then President of Egypt Hosni El Sayed Mubarak.

US President Barack Obama (L) shakes han

In an article I predicted President was biding his time until he could send military aid to the Egyptian military and General Sisi if he could.

The Radical Democratic Challenge NOT ROAR Obama  to Support Financial Aid to the Egyptian Military http://templeofreason.org/news/?p=3687

After which Mr.  Hedges reminded me he write five hours a day, didn’t often receive calls for the most part when he was writing.  So much for the warm introduction, sooner after which I received a call from Texas, which as well timed, I could well imagine was FBI CIA or NSA inspired.  rather than anything esle in what I would wait and see.

Where I didn’t go to Harvard University, teach at Princeton, nor had I worked at the New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and NPR, though perhaps I dropped off some weed to some of the nation’s major magazines. Listening as a few New York based writers drank themselves as working stiffs into the evening, so then walking themselves home to sleep I accompanied them.

Where the corporate media obscures their crimes and themselves behind Codes, rules and rhetorical sophistry, while they abusively undermine not just bloggers and writers, but the profession, the nation and the public to be informed.

Where news vine as by NBC in their troika with Microsoft and the state can try to punish little ole me simply because I undermined the line of hype they present regarding President Obama.  Shame Shame where do the have something to say about that in their Code of Honor below? as a Code of Honor should work should be a two way street in dialogue not a one way railroading by means of the censorship of NBC and their blog Newsvine.

The NBC Newsvine Code of Honor

Code of Honor shield

Above all else, respect others.  Address issues and arguments and refrain from making personal attacks.  If you see something disrespectful or inappropriate, report it – rather than further inflaming the situation.

Newsvine’s primary purpose is to provide a place for people to share and discuss topics relating to the news.  Self-promotion, seeding links to your own site(s), and advertising are not allowed.

Headlines should be supported by the information presented in the article/seed, rather than used primarily as a means to draw attention.  Articles and seeds must be published to appropriate groups and categories.  Tags must be relevant to the article or seed.

As the host of your column, you are expected to foster healthy, open discussions by setting a good example.  Be responsible for the content you submit and exercise impartiality when deleting comments and reporting abuse.

Acts that run contrary to the spirit and purpose of Newsvine, including attempts to circumvent the Code of Honor & User Agreement, are not allowed.


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