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Obama  to Support Financial Aid to the Egyptian Military

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While the questions related to the Obama administration and the Egyptian military continue to produce comment and interest, and speculation I have to ask where are the American radicals, democrats, peacemakers, for all i find are radicals who act as CIA stooges?

In that the Obama administration is covertly supporting the Egyptian military, as the world argues, in biding their time until the day or moment arrives where they find it convenient and advantageous to openly support once again  the Egyptian military, and those force of corporate interests they represent.

In response to the ‘article “The revolution lives as long as we will die for it’ (ROAR mag.org Reflections on a revolution, Egypt, Jerome Roos On August 24, 2013 blog).

Today reading the headlines of your blog that was entitled “Egypt: ‘the revolution lives as long as we will die for it’ By Jerome Roos On August 24, 2013″ (ROAR mag.org Reflections on a revolution ).

I have to seriously challenge your sanity and motives, in what in a sense has nothing to do with your sanity but integrity, as in your mind you can be as reactionary and obnoxious, and as glib and irresponsible as you possibly can to an extreme. But this questions and  challenges your integrity in your exhibition of lacks good judgment, wisdom and integrity in your rambling where simply for your use of that headline,  people like you contribute to the deaths and mass slaughters of people  around the world, while you are free to speak as such simply because of you are irresponsible for using that headline.

Generally on America, and the American lacks any real logic and sense, in existing from one opportunistic event to the next, they struggle with the nonsense  of having more money than brains, in endlessly installing repairing and replacing roads to no where, simply because they get money and are paid.

Generally the common wisdom of reactionaries in the military “it is not your duty to die for your country, but it is your duty to make sure your enemy dies for their country” , which you controvert to advocate in the provocative use of language, death destruction and mindless  adventurism as if our lives are meaningless in what I see as the flip side to what is  by  reactionaries. A flip side that says it is not good enough that Obama (President Obomber) can murder people using drones in what he does not exhibit any respect for life and living in valuing life, but instead his corporatist wheeling and dealing, just as you say okay, go out there and die  motherfucker when no one should have to die though we will. Where you, George W. Bush and president Obama (Obomber) are not distinguished, in your common disrespect for life, the living, in what makes the nation and world nauseous and sick in your glib remarks. In what can be applied in many ways.

Now in what I can argue the best way to win a war is without having to fight that war, without killing and dying, without the maimed children and bodies of kids like you who never reach maturity. Which is to not say one should not struggle but that also reminds me of  you, George W. Bush and president Obama (Obomber)  in a misleading use of language because  there are many people in struggle worldwide, that are also dying when they should not be dying, in what rhetorically conveniently substitutes   in glib uses of language what is appropriate in one country but not another, in one circumstances but not another, for one person but not another. In what you, George W. Bush and president Obama (Obomber) are not distinguished, as what you present are stock cliché responses.

Sso having said so much. Tell us though embarrassing why we would agree with that reactionary rather than some gun ho people, who most likely never went to a war zone, over seas, or Egypt, in what reminds us of some 16 year old punk kid and his friend ” suspected of beating an 88-year-old World War II veteran to death”. a veteran of what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War against fascism while most Trotskyites and Anarchists were pacifist conscientious objectors,  while the KKK and pro-Nazi Bund sabotaged the war effort, and lived to spawn their seed rather than “Die”.

Where believing in street justice they should get what is theirs, but where George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case were both not entitled to a trial, nor considered innocent before proven guilty that in some twisted mind you present as justice, the protesters remind me of each other, and , you, and the supporters of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case are not distinguished. Where Al Sharptons are not distinguished from David Dukes of Louisiana as both are self-serving opportunists. nor the war criminals of  the wars in Yugoslavia and religious extremists iof the Arab Spring,  as highly suspect and questionable.

I am posting this on one of my sites with mention to yours and if your do not address it, there seems no reason to respect what ever it is you do or say because reading headlines  gives people a bad name even if they call themselves radical, anarchists, progressives, socialists, communists, democrats , republicans, what ever, in what merely put people in a bad mood. Where people can be misanthropic in living and life, you show a complete and total disregard,  for people who live it, and what they have to do to live it.

Where you say ” Now, more than ever, we need to pledge our fidelity to the spirit of revolt that toppled ‎Mubarak. Only the power of the streets can beat back the army.”‎

When  in your saying “Now, more than ever” you make no distinction between in relation ‎to time, space, and geological location in what caters to senseless war. that you state in ‎mindless rhetoric “we need to pledge our fidelity” you fail to state a fidelity for what or ‎why, as in without consideration as to what that fidelity might entail; and in what you ‎dedicate “to the spirit of revolt” without with out saying what that is, in what “that ‎toppled Mubarak” you arrogantly give no recognition to the diversity of people, in what  ‎in Egypt is more diverse than the police state of America, in your proclaiming of a ‎general prescription stating “Only ‎the power of the streets can beat back the army”‎ ‎without the slightest ability and determination as to what that means.‎

In quoting Giovanni Arrighi “There have only been two world revolutions. One took ‎place in 1848, the second took place in 1968. Both were historic failures. Both ‎transformed the world. The fact that both were unplanned, and therefore in a profound ‎sense spontaneous, explains both facts — the fact that they failed, and the fact that they ‎transformed the world.” you present contradictory oxymoronic views because firstly you ‎and he are ignorant of the language as revolutions which do not succeed as “historic ‎falures” are not revolutions but “failed rebellions”. Where Giovanni Arrighi states ‎without equivocation or qualification that “There have only been two world revolutions. ‎One took place in 1848, the second took place in 1968.” he advances academic book ‎views which were also advanced by the C.I.A., though the C.I.A. would not officially say ‎such a thing to such an extent, as the C.I.A. sensibly would list hundreds of failed ‎‎”revolutions” not two, merely to get bigger appropriations for their budget, and in what ‎conversely Giovanni Arrighi as a “rock star” academic twisted in the mirror image for the ‎sake of his ratings amongst the petty bourgeois.‎

Where your writing is rift with errors as per example in stating the “Obama ‎administration, which first used its hypocritical liberalism to justify Mubarak’s rule, then ‎used it to justify Morsi’s rule” and act differently on public and private  in what it “uses” not to “justify military rule”, (as Obama and the US is not their servant)  but in doing the ‎corporate bidding in not merely “continuing to support it to the tune of $1.3bn in military ‎aid per year” but what amounts to 1.5 billion for the US, 1.3 billion EU, approximate 9 ‎billion from the il states not to mention untold corporate benefits and funding that have ‎been obscured by the government, academia, the media.

Where the Saudis in the love hate affair they have with the west state  “Within a week of the ‎Egyptian military’s July 3 takeover, they had announced a $12 billion rescue package ‎that dwarfs direct military and economic grants from the United States ($1.5 billion) and ‎the European Union ($1.3 billion) combined. The gulf Arabs’ deep pockets made the ‎United States’ contribution seem important largely for its symbolism.” (New York Times,  Saudi Arabia Promises to Aid Egypt’s Regime by Rod Nordlund, August 19, 2013)‎

In what totals approximately 15 billion dollars that is openly divulged (though I suspect ‎the amount is approximately double that including corporate funding), and where ‎Israelis are divided on the issue. (Israel Supporters Divided on Cutting Military Aid to ‎Egypt, Forward by Nathan Guttman, Published August 21, 2013)‎

Where “Deep Splits Emerge Over Crackdown”, in what is revealing  as it is reported that ‎occurs “Despite AIPAC Push To Cut or Not? Egypt’s brutal military crackdown” where it ‎is repeated reported in what “has divided Americans on all sides of the political ‎spectrum.” where it is reported “Supporters of Israel are also split, despite AIPAC’s ‎strong push to keep the money flowing. To Cut or Not? Egypt’s brutal military ‎crackdown has divided Americans on all sides of the political spectrum. Supporters of ‎Israel are also split, despite AIPAC’s strong push to keep the money flowing.”‎

“When Beckett’s Look-like Theater Tries to Define the New Egyptian Revolution, B.J. Sabri / August 20th, 2013‎ Dissident Voice)  

The removal of elected Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, the ongoing crackdown on ‎the Muslim Brothers, the sad deaths of hundreds of people from both sides, and the ‎destruction that ensued have ignited fiery debates between those who support the ‎action and those who oppose it.‎

It is curious to see how diverse the front of the opponents is. Imperialists, Zionists ‎seeking confusion, governments of diverse political orientations, pretenders of human ‎rights, some Arab writers, many progressive western writers, and sizeable internet ‎writers with hazy understanding of revolutionary issues all joined in the play of a ‎theater of the absurd before Egypt’s impregnable revolutionary reality.‎

Curious is also the front supporting the removal of Morsi. It includes reactionary and ‎despotic states such as Saudi Arabia, tolerant states like the United Arab Emirates, ‎American-occupied Iraq, and some Arab analysts and writers who, out of intense ‎dislike of the Muslim Brothers, cannot hide their extravagant jubilation while not ‎offering serious explanations on the whys and origins of the unfolding events.‎

Yet, it is one thing that governments follow specific policies or hold certain views ‎toward the new Egypt based on their place inside the international system. It is ‎another when some writers busy themselves analyzing the Egyptian situation but offer ‎nothing more than hollow theorizations on the question of removal.‎

The facts must be interpreted as to AIPAC, as supportive of the American position not Israel, in what indicates the Obama ‎administrations position and where support will go, in a predicable focus the question is when will the ‎Obama administration openly support a military regime in Egypt. Where for which turmoil and photos of  turmoil merely reinforce calls for president Obama to  the military and “law and order in Egypt, by they feeble deceits in lies to obscure the diversity of Egyptian society and the need of government to represent that society. Where american aid to the Egyptian is very possible though not a done deal. As the question is as to where does the American people come into the equation, as to how would they act if they were Egyptian after all would they support a military coup in America? would they support a coup against and American president? If there were varied clashes in the streets would Americans support a crack down? After all these events comes after the revelations of the Snowden and the NSA in what exists today in almost every country in the world.

Author: Andrew Stergiou

First online publisher of a literary art journal in the world.

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