Prisoners Murdered as California Prison Hunger Strike Continues


Families of California prisoners demonstrating against prison conditions which affect them also.

Families of California prisoners demonstrating against prison conditions which affect them also.

Prisoners Murdered as California Prison Hunger Strike Continues by Andrew Stergiou

When all politics is local and political financing comes form other sources?

The headlines publicly tells us whom the real criminals are, and how dysfunctional the legal system can be. As the “California Governor Is Still Intent On Defying The Supreme Court On Prison Overcrowding” BY NICOLE FLATOW ON AUGUST 14, 2013 AT 9:00 AM, Think Progress)”. Publicly accused in what in many countries is a cause for lawsuits based on libel and slander, American politicians seem to be immune to shame.

For the most part on one side are the Democrats and Republicans, which we can say better to make partisan Democrats feel better as Republicans and Democrats as it bluntly sinks in. That in America, Germany, France, the UK  Egypt and many other varied countries  the two party scam is being run as a con game of fraud and deception to give the masses of people the stale choices illusion of two pro-capitalist parties which for the most part offer no choice what so ever.


In Egypt,  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, fighting for its political survival, has accused security forces allied with the United States military with killing dozens of detained Islamists, upping the pressure in a crisis that has rocked the Arab world’s most populous state. Where at least 850 people have died since last Wednesday in clashes pitting followers of deposed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi against the foreigner financed army-backed government in the worst bloodletting in Egypt’s modern history.

Egyptian military on the move during the mass demonstrations in Cairo

Egyptian military on the move during the mass demonstrations in Cairo

In what raises questions relating Egyptian and American governments, and how they respond to their people, “What is the motivation of government to have empathy for its own peoples when that government is financed based almost entirely on foreign sources who themselves are unbeholding to their own peoples.? “. Local, regional, federal, national, international. Where The former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill coined the truism that “all politics is local” where in the ironic paradox that financing is international and foreign?.

Tip ONeil Democratic Speaker of the House under President Ronald Reagan (who like Gov Jerry Browncame from california).

Tip ONeil Democratic Speaker of the House under President Ronald Reagan (who like Gov Jerry Brown came from California).

Many people will ask what does this have to do with the prisoners in California, but in considering the old adage of she enemy of my enemy is my friend and in viewing the United States of Democrats and Republicans as the Number One supporters of the

Egyptian military and its bloody confrontations and with civilians, one begins to get a very different picture than what is presented by the official corporate media.

egypt hosni mubarak.jpg

Gov Jerry Brown is very revealing, as an American politician, the consummate California Democrat, 39th Governor of California since 2011, previously California’s 34th Governor (1975 to 1983). Serving in numerous state, local, and party positions. He was a member of the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees (1969–1971), Secretary of State of California (1971–1975), chairman of the California Democratic Party (1989–1991), Mayor of Oakland (1999–2007) and Attorney General of California (2007–2011). Gov Jerry Brown sought the Democratic nominations for President of the United States in 1976, 1980, and 1992, and was the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in California in 1982, but was unsuccessful in those attempts. He is the son of Pat Brown, the 32nd Governor of California of the great and noble State of California.

A younger version of the current governor of California Jerry brown

A younger version of the current governor of California Jerry brown

But it all comes down to this in electoral politics related to California, and the office of governor for California, as in related to being the king maker, where no presidential candidate Democrat or Republican could ever hope to become president of the United States without first winning California. So when Jerry relates to the questions related to prison conditions in California he sees the big picture not the picture being force fed the American public in their daily dose of propaganda.

Gov. Jerry Brown shows his (sic) “progressive” (opportunist) roots in having made “no public comment on the protest” though he might schedule as many photo Ops as the public can stomach he is not stupid, as he allows his “corrections chief” to do the “tough talking” for him. In a hands off approach management style Gov. Jerry Brown is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan, when one can not be sure what they feel or believe, in the cheap posturing of negotiations with the Governor to no where.

Where the Governor’s office has made its feeling known in saying the hunger strike “is controlled by violent prison gangs bent on increasing their power” says nothing as anyone in prison often is viewed as anti-social and undesirable from the view of the state, though such responses have nothing to do with the issues related to the horrible conditions of the California State Penal Correctional System.

In monitoring many comments online in English from the Americans animals who call themselves good citizens and human beings, would like nothing better than to take a page out of Egyptian history and have excuses to execute the prisoners in California; and, this is what connects worldwide the systemic abuses perpetrated by the staid and established supporters of the state:

Where the people of the world demands real change from within a progressive context not within the window dressing of technocratic managers and political buffoons like Cameron, Obama, and Berlusconi, who have been convicted in the eyes of the world, before the people of the world regardless of what management from England, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Mali,  Burma, Thailand, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, China, Nigeria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan says. In the sham of modern politics driven by cost analysis, teams of legal experts, and out of touch management.

In response to the rigidity of the American system of gulags “Advocates for the inmates say spending 23 hours a day in a windowless cell for decades is a form of torture that must end”, for which one can normally agree. Though solitary confinement is preferred by some where they are made into the victims of a society off the hook and out of control.

Where without visible progress on the issues in what is said to separate “the two sides”, I can not say I agree that there are “two sides”. The protest — launched July 8 when 30,000 inmates refused breakfast — has become largely a battle over public perception which the government in representing the public loses as alleged adults in their incompetence and hollow posturing. Where government is supposed to represent the public and all the people, including the prisoners though they don’t.

“Being rational seems to have left this debate,” said Jeanne Woodford, who ran California’s vast prison system under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and now teaches at UC Berkeley School of Law. “It’s people who have dug their heels in on both sides.”

In what is echoed else where “The first thing that’s needed to prevent a tragedy is an immediate shift from the heated rhetoric to conflict-resolution measures. The governor’s negotiators have demanded that the hunger strikers end their fast before any issues can be resolved. Whatever its philosophical merits, that demand is likely to cost lives. The courts have already ruled that California prisons don’t meet constitutionally guaranteed standards.”

So where the question revolves around how slow adjudication in the American courts is, or how criminal the government of California is in ignoring what was already decided by the United States Supreme Court, or in what can be viewed in what the more emotional and human based Americans ask:

“Does the governor really want a legacy of inmates starving to death on his watch?”,

Though personally in all frankness I reflect at time that I must have a death wish of  sorts

though I have no compulsion for suicide, as i am unsure as to how this plays out Amongst the American public where many enjoy the thoughts of executing every prisoner while screaming rapist, murder, and child molester (though 85% of all prisoners are prisoners simply on economic grounds of being involved in the illicit drug trade which raises the issues related to drug legalization).

The question or many questions is “To prevent deaths”, or resolve matters, both sides will have to put their “philosophical” differences on hold, in what I call “rhetorical differences”, and focus on key measures that would bring relief “from the worst agonies of solitary confinement, even if the state is unwilling to end it completely.” .

Where in California matters play out with legislators like Tom Hayden, a former state senator, author of “Street Wars” and is a longtime advocate of prison reform, taking the rational or pragmatic approach to the state’s ills, but  without Governor Jerry Brow’s burden of the next two years of elections, (for which he hears most likely from every elected democrat in the state, on top of which Democratic electoral woes are compounded by budgetary concerns and the unions of prison guards).

prison hunger strike.jpg

Wrongly Tom Hayden presumes “The strikers, for their part, must accept that some of their ‘core demands,’ including the call for a far more humane approach to incarceration in the state’s Special Housing Units, are nonstarters with the Brown administration.” (OP-ED On how to end California‘s prison hunger strike, By Tom Hayden, August 16, 2013, Los Angeles Times).

Just as Tom Hayden presumes “The governor, for his part, should immediately ask his representatives to begin delivering on the strikers so-called supplemental demands. These include such measures as fixes to prison air conditioning systems, fresher food and the right to a weekly phone call. The strikers have also called for reopening the Pelican Bay visitors’ center and allowing visits of four to six hours on weekends and holidays for family members, who often must travel hundreds of miles to Pelican Bay. And they want the right to take one photograph per year, to purchase more art supplies from the canteen, to sell or give away artwork and to have more access to educational courses and current books” (Ibid.).

 As one thing life has taught me it is not always reasonable and logical in what was not seen in places like Attica, New York.

The aftermath of the uprising at the Attica Correctional facility.

The aftermath of the uprising at the Attica Correctional facility looks like the Prisión de Abu Ghraib or death in the street of some foreign country any country some where else.

 Tom Hayden reasonably ” Many of these supplemental demands should have been granted long ago because they are the right thing to do.”. Where Mr. Hayden states

” Even some Brown administration officials privately acknowledge that many of the demands are reasonable. But the administration has refused to take any action as long as the hunger strikes continue.”(Ibid.)

 As the Governor Jerry Brown’s offices do not have any desire to appear soft regarding crime and prisons, in the public’s eyes related to constituencies which affect the Governor’s political aspirations, in what will be a very difficult and tenuous electoral future.

 Rightfully Tom Hayden states “The prisoners, for their part, feel that if they end their action without any concessions from corrections officials, the pressure will be off, retribution will be taken and the status quo will resume.” (Ibid.)

 Where Tom Hayden and I agree “There is an urgent need to put aside the toxic resentments and suspicions that date to California‘s prison wars of decades past. Both sides need to focus on what is possible right now, and turn their immediate attention to preventing unnecessary deaths in the present stalemate. After that, the sides — with court intervention if necessary — can continue to deliberate on further reforms.” (ibid.).

Where the basis of the problems facing prisoners worldwide tells the tale as to whom the real criminals are “California Governor Is Still Intent On Defying The Supreme Court On Prison Overcrowding. BY NICOLE FLATOW ON AUGUST 14, 2013 AT 9:00 AM, Think Progress).  

Author: Andrew Stergiou

First online publisher of a literary art journal in the world.

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