Dear Misters Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Žižek:



Dear Misters Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Žižek:
From the “continental tradition” I take great exception from the hubris of what Slavoj Žižek.does in his rhetoric to win a chess game he plays in his head, Doktor Noam Chomsky knows this and has nothing better to do than waste his time and our time, as he enjoys matters, while drawing a paycheck from MIT: For regardless of the two gentle being correct or incorrect that point is none the less “the poverty of philosophy”, and “philosophers” who philosophize over matters rather than change them.


So before I die, this evening:


I made myself black tea with creamer sugar and sliced ginger, macaroni in cheese sauce, argued with empty headed reactionaries on the internet, fixed a few things in my wood workshop, feed my cats, had my right foot fall asleep numerous times by going numb due to not getting proper circulation sitting here arguing with the world, played a game of chess or two; and to the best of my recollections addressed all the concerns you gentlemen might have concerning each other and the world.


So now can some one send me a house guest as I am getting bored because your arguments seem childish with out ample quantities of coffee tea and food, as I don’t have your staffs with which to satisfy my concerns though yours are easy and they are something or nothing, but in any case ridiculous without dinner and therefor bourgeois and decadent.


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