Daily News in Bed with FBI Hoax


Daily News in Bed with FBI Hoax

We told you so!



What most common Americas think is that elected officials politicians, bureaucrats, functionaries media offices. professionals, professional offices, corporate offices and activists don’t give a damn as the average American’s cynicism is renforced by every day events that reminds them how callous and indifferent corporate society is. The average American is reminded by the evasive manner people in position of responsibility in what is not responsibly addressing what makes the every day problems, of  every day people, less endurable and worse.

To that I say that is seeming very true though I get treated no different in writing what very often exposes the slime of society, in what is also called proper society, into which bin we throw the elites of  “elected officials politicians, bureaucrats, functionaries media offices. professionals, professional offices, activists” et cetera.

At some late hour yesterday, or a some early  hour today before I woke to sip on my cold coffee the New York Daily News  published a retraction correcting their version of the story, we wrote correctly in the first place and published yesterday evening Tuesday July 22nd, 20123 entitled “New York Daily News Duped in Right Wing Hoax by Professional FBI informant”:

That correction of  the New York Daily News stated:

An earlier version story contained an error that said that a pro-Zimmerman protester held a sign saying, “We’re racist & proud” and shouted that slogan at pro-Trayvon Martin protesters. The woman displayed the sign in front of the pro-Zimmerman group, in an apparent attempt to mock them. It is unclear whether the woman, identified by the Houston Chronicle as Renee Vaughan, was involved with either group.” (New York Daily News).

But in so far that the New York Daily News and Phillip Caulfield described what they called “an apparent attempt to mock them” the New York Daily News and Phillip Caulfield raises more questions than it settles, as to the particulars, as to How this story was gotten in the first place? Who provided the basis of this story? and What does the “apparent” use of terminology precisely mean?

Phillip Caulfield the writer in question for the for the New York Daily News, who in his rude New York corporate manner admitted to this writer if he committed no wrong, beyond the routine correction, he rudely refused to elaborate as to the facts of the matter, and the story he wrote was based almost entirely up the false information provided by Brandon Darby and the Andrew Breitbart website Breitbart.com, in what relied entirely on Bradon Darby, though Brandon Darby is an FBI informer.

Phillip Caulfield told we pursued the matter of their story as it was a hoax that they were duped into by that was presented by the right wing media, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Informer Brandon Darby. In an attempt to smear the “liberal media”, and a a group of Texas environmentalists, where no punches were spared by them As the women who came into question a Renee Vaughn at the clashing demonstrations of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman supporters in Houston Texas The “Justice for Trayvon” march.

Organized by Houston activist Quanell X the highly questionable ex-Nation of Islam leader of the New Black Panther Party, who was once expelled from the black Nationalist, Nation of Islam for “publicly inciting violence with his televised, and highly publicized, exhortation to Houston-area blacks:

“[i]f you feel that you just got to mug somebody because of your hurt and your pain, go to River Oaks and mug you some good white folks. If you’re angry that our brother is put to death, don’t burn down your own community, give these white folks hell from the womb to the tomb.” Quanell X.

In a story in a long distance from its origins as the sad story of two young men who were caught incidentally in the cultural morass of their once proud country now in decay and constant turmoil, that seems to just not want to go away as there are parties on several sides of the issues who seem dead set in their intents of profiting from the misery of others and blowing it all up regardless of the any effects on the community at large.

Namely Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have paid with their freedom and lives, while others profit from such tragedies, as the cliched  ambulance chaser activists they are,  for what is now being splattered as if it was Hollywood script of the Ten Commandments (1956) reading:

Joshua: I have brought lamb’s blood to mark the door posts and lintels, so that the shadow of death will pass you by.

Lilia  It is enough that you thought of me, Joshua. I am outcast among our people. Do not save me from death, Joshua, save me from life!

“Save me from life” they said, Sheesh!!

There really were some great movie lines back then, along with Joseph McCarthy, where President Eisenhower ans Ricard Nixon, that today  many Republicans today strangely call liberal traitors, where one of rational proportions has to question the Republican Party definition of what constitutes a liberal or conservative,  where it seems President Obomber has teamed up with right wing Activists likeRep Michelle Bachmann (R-Mn) of Minnesota to repress and oppress the American people through secretive agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA) operating through the US DOD, though many people in the United States are not speaking the same language either as Tea part affiliates or Democrats.

Where normal people wonder how is it that some of these black and white militant freaks just have not died or something.

Senate Concern

Where there is less than comprehensive concern expressed by the media and elected officials, what appears in most of the media appears limited and narrow in scope so as to be ineffective.

In an article for The Verge, “Senator Ron Wyden (D, OR) offered a grim outlook on civil liberties today in a speech at the Center for American Progress, warning US citizens that they will “live to regret” inaction on surveillance reform.”

Where  Senator Wyden, one of the leading Congressional critics of domestic spying programs, trivialized the problems of the surveillance state, in what he railed against the controversial legal provisions that have enabled surveillance efforts like the Associational Tracking Program: a massive telephone metadata dragnet that collects information about every call placed in the United States. Wyden challenged the government’s authority and discretion to conduct broad surveillance on innocent US citizens, and urged both the public and his colleagues to take action.”.

Without mention of  a widespread system of police, intelligence, and military informers, agents and spies who are operating against law abiding citizens in the United States! Where all must realize (as the rest of the Senate) that it is not merely a question of electronic surveillance but government intrusions in ever aspect of civilian society in what undermines democratic society, in what eventually will lead to a down fall of the United States. As government becomes more and more ineffective, correspondingly to the more and more corrupt and insulated it becomes, in what it is not inclined nor predisposed towards change.

“The combination of increasingly advanced technology with a breakdown in the checks and balances that limit government action could lead us to a surveillance state that cannot be reversed,” Wyden said. “What happens to our government, our civil liberties, and our basic democracy if the surveillance state is allowed to grow unchecked?”

“While a growing number of lawmakers have come to scrutinize the government’s wide-ranging surveillance programs — uncovered this year through a series of high-profile leaks — Wyden’s comments represent a rare admission that post-9/11 surveillance efforts may become indefinite.”

I call the offices of US Senators Ron Wyden (D, OR), Rand Paul (R. KY), and Casey (D,Pa) where I was treated to the standard evasive of political offices ducking issues even those such as those in this article (and the preceding articles on which in part was based) that involved the use of FBI informers to spread lies and distortions in a very hot and controversial issue as the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman case where it seems like the elites of America don’t give a damn it the whole country burns on account of their callous and indifferent laxity as politicians.

Are your family relatives spies, agents or informers?



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