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“Scotland’s shame: Its socialist racists”


March of Scottish Left Socialists

Reading this short based on Abby W. Schachter for the New York Post (see bottom) I reacted:

Capitol Punishment via

Scotland’s shame: Its socialist racists” comments on the New York Post

“At the very least voters should be told that a vote for the Socialist Party (which proposed baning products from Israel, which is what lead to the book ban) is a vote for hatred and racism.”

I said:

Technically correct and specifically wrong the socialist left since the death of Stalin and creation of post-Marxist pseudo left views with the assistance of groups lie the CIA to undermine the USSR created a belief now dominating European Socialist circles which in essence in not Socialist. Stalin was a great supporter of the right of national minorities right to self-determination and self-defense but the view was undermined by western intelligence in its creation of post WWII socialist parties of Europe so as to compete with pro=soviet parties internally the after Stalin died the USSR politically was divided at the top and anti-antisemitism was used to garner support as Putin today pays lip service Russian nationalism. The Cold War is over but if you want to continue fighting it be my guess but lose on the issue as these people you speak about are not socialists as in Communists but Social Democrats who were funded after WWII by the US Army, the Marshall plan, CIA NSA West German Intelligence and maybe Mossad too.

So you know any real Socialists who would struggle against the phony ones? Oh I forgot this is a Murdoch enterprise pretending to be a newspaper.

Notes after first posting: In any case I thought some after resting eating sleeping some after all though the I work 25 hour days I must damage the revolution’s “property” (hmm cough cough, after looking around).

As per Wikipedia, it is noted the Scottish Socialist Party is described as far Left which is disturbing as they always do things like that and can not distinguish matters as the USSR considered Maoists and Trotskyites far left as ultra-leftist:

“The current party forming the Scottish Government is the Scottish National Party (SNP), with a one-seat lead over the Opposition Scottish Labour Party. The SNP was formed in 1934 with the aim of achieving Scottish independence. They are broadly centre-left and are in the European social-democratic mould. They are the largest party in the Scottish Parliament. In the course of the twentieth century, the Labour Party gradually rose to prominence as Scotland’s main political force. The party was established to represent the interests of workers and trade unionists. From 1999 to 2007, they operated as the senior partners in a coalition Scottish Executive. The Scottish Liberal Democrats were the junior partners in the 1999 to 2007 coalition Scottish Executive. In the 2005 Westminster election they became the second strongest party (in terms of seats and votes) in Scotland. They have the third highest number of councillors, and are the joint third-strongest party in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party has declined in popularity since their establishment in 1965. Their predecessor, the Unionist Party, are the only party ever to have achieved an outright majority of Scottish votes at any general election, in 1951 (they only won a majority if the votes of their National Liberal and Liberal Unionist allies are included). However at the 1997 general election they failed to get a single Scottish MP elected and at the following general election they returned only one, as they did in 2005 and in 2010. They are a centre-right party. The Scottish Green Party have won regional additional member seats in the Scottish Parliament, as a result of the proportional representation electoral system. They won one MSP in 1999, increased their total to seven at the 2003 election but saw this drop back to 2 at the 2007 election. The Greens support Scottish independence. The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) were formed in 1998 to operate as a political party that could unite the majority of the far-left in Scotland. They won one MSP in 1999 and increased their total to six at the 2003 election. The SSP split in 2006 when two MSPs and a large number of activists left to form Solidarity. Both parties lost all their seats at the 2007 election. Both the SSP and Solidarity support Scottish independence. The Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party (SSCUP) were formed just in time to contest the 2003 elections to the Scottish Parliament. They were formed to work for the rights of Scotland’s senior citizens. Thanks to the Scottish Parliament’s proportional electoral system, they managed to get one MSP elected in 2003, John Swinburne, their party founder and leader. In the 2007 election they lost their only seat. ***

The Scottish Socialist Party was formed from the Scottish Socialist Alliance (SSA), an alliance of left-wing organisations in Scotland, Following reasonable results by the alliance in the 1997 General Election, the decision was taken to transform the SSA from an electoral alliance into a single party to contest the first elections of the new Scottish Parliament. The SSP polled unexpectedly well in this election and saw the then National Convenor Tommy Sheridan elected to represent Glasgow.
The period following that election saw sustained growth for the SSP, including a boost to membership when the Socialist Workers Party in Scotland joined the SSP, and the Scottish section of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers affiliated to the party. During this period of sustained and rapid growth it recruited extensively from former members of the Labour Party and the Scottish National Party, in addition to trade unionists, environmentalists, and community campaigners. The 2003 elections to the Scottish Parliament saw the SSP gain five additional seats across Scotland, becoming the largest left-wing party in Scottish politics. On 11 November 2004 Tommy Sheridan announced his resignation as convener of the party, citing personal reasons, although it later emerged that he had effectively been recalled by the National Executive of the party. He was replaced by Colin Fox, SSP MSP for the Lothians, after a contest with Alan McCombes, the SSP’s policy co-ordinator.

Wikinews has related news:
Scottish Socialist Party to split as Sheridan launches new party On 29 August 2006, Tommy Sheridan announced his intention to leave the Scottish Socialist Party and found a new socialist political party called Solidarity.[3] The split was formalised in September 2006.[4] The SSP stood on the regional lists for the 2007 election, where it lost all remaining seats, and in council elections across the country, where it won just a single seat, Jim Bollan’s in West Dunbartonshire. The party (12.450 votes; 0,6%) failed to gain as many votes as Tommy Sheridan’s breakaway party, Solidarity. However in 2008 it recovered to some extent, increasing its vote compared to 2007 and outpolling Solidarity in two by-elections in Glasgow East and Glenrothes. In 2009 the SSP was seriously involved in the Glasgow school closures protest, and it contested the 2009 European elections, largely around the slogan of ‘Make Greed History’, campaigning for a Europe wide ‘greed tax’ on the continent’s rich, and marginally increased its vote compared to 2007. The party ran ten candidates in the United Kingdom general election, 2010. All lost their deposits. The SSP contested all eight regions in the Scottish Parliament election, 2011, with gender balanced lists of candidates. The no. 1 candidates were: West Jim Bollan, Glasgow Frances Curran, Central Kevin McVey, Lothian Colin Fox, South Colin Turbett, Mid Scotland and Fife Morag Balfour, North East Angela Gorrie, Highlands and Islands Pam Currie. These eight included two ex-MSPs as well as a sitting councillor and demonstrates the party’s commitment to representative diversity on the basis of gender, sexuality and disability.


As such they appear as representing a newly founded socialist group in Scotland representing numerous elements which can be considered by most traditional Soviet communist standards as ultra-leftist, but the currents of UK, Scottish British and Irish socialist run fast and change rather quickly (as with many Trotskyite Groups) are based on the personal politics of key elements (which makes them more akin to cults) rather than broad based parties. Consistent with their principles in allowing development of factions those are then often utilized by contras at works for the state and others. As what begins optimistically is ruined in being destroyed by excesses in the interests of the state rather than progress and “revolution” though this sort of the left in the United Kingdom has for some time  controlled and directed what never seems to be allowed to develop beyond a certain point even with the election of “Socialist Prime Ministers”.

Most often in Scotland based on fact or where otherwise on belief, I would say that after many years of institutionalized antisemitism, for the most par, the immigration and influx of  eastern members of “the empire” Scotland has more experience with Moslems rather than Jews or Israelis and is very limited as is much of the UK: but all that aside in political struggles against the many forms of nationalism amongst its own peoples, as in the  Scottish Nationalist Party,  the British National Front etc. ad- naseum its politics has to some degree evolved in confrontation with the forces of Scottish and British reactionaries. In fact this holds true for much of Europe. Where socialist and the extreme right is represent opposites sides of the same anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic coin which if it was transposed into the framework of struggles closer to them for  a better understanding:

In consideration that the views of the “Scottish Socialist Party”, would mean that the Jewish people who aspired and aspire to their own existence,  and self-determination, in nationhood, in a real existence, in being surrounded by the abandoned citizens of Egypt and Jordan, and many defeated aggressors (or other vassal states of imperialism), can not like those of the British colony of India strive for independence, as those of the British colony of Ireland have striven for independence, as those of the British colony of a Conquered Scotland has striven, after its defeat in  “The Wars of Scottish Independence” *1 footnote below, can not aspire to any thing greater than being a feudal vassal and anything more that a backwater stop of the empire because those who call themselves Scottish Socialist  can not be consistent in their own affairs and views regarding nations, nationalities and peoples including their own. The Scottish People, who as a people, as any people, representing all the people, represent more than the sum total of the fascists and extremists pervading all too often Europe and the nations of the world.

Why dis the SSP gain 5 parlimentary seats in 2003 only to lose all its seats in the Scottish Parliament in the 2007 election, and why are its views described divergently as Socialism, Democratic socialism, Feminism, Environmentalism, Scottish independence, Scottish republicanism? Though I am very broadminded will noit and cannot overlook such inconsistencies as I may find.

Though I agree that the original writer and writing were very short inadequate and otherwise reactionary still there was a point that was made which I address, though I am I presume said to be no one and no body which rhetorically I can condescend to
in address of Scottish socialists, Europeans, European socialists communists, Greens and the like, with the seeds of prophecy (if need be) that their lacking in failures to accord in discussion what is called for in truth and fair of sensitive issues related to nationalism Jews and  Zionism will only come back to haunt them. But perhaps the European Left has been bought with Arab Oil and simply can not think clearly nor fairly as its view merely continue the their chauvinist traditions in support of imperialism, the most virulent forms of capitalism and that of reactionary political design wherefore their ideas merely echo rhetroric, sloganeering, hollow phrases and posturing.

Like also the British empire though matters have changed some, let us not support the revival of empires, by forgetting them, the Mogul Empire of India and the Ottoman Empire, as well as the many other Moslem empires (footnote *2 that extended deep into Europe), as the benign ambitions of British imperialism, Moslem imperialism, Arab imperialism, French imperialism, German Imperialism etc. et al ad-nauseum never ceased to exist.

In a last note the Scottish Socialist Party allows internal discussion on many topics even matters of Scottish Republicanism but some how they not only can not see the similarities between Scottish Republicanism and “Zionism” (aka Jewish nationalism aka Jewish Republicanism) that I find not only duplicitous but hypocritical, short sighted sloven in view and simply ignorant and dogmatic because not all nationalists are reactionary for they see in adopting the anti-Zionist position advanced by the many Arab Moslem states:

Black Panthers but not Jewish Panthers

Scottish and Irish Republican Rebels but not Sephardi and Ashkenazim Republican Rebels

African nations is tribal progress but a Jewish Tribal Nation is not progress

Peace is good for the Arabs but not the Jews

Moslem and Christian Arabs but not Oriental Jewish Arabs

A Moslem mosques but not was once Christian and Jewish churches and Temples

An Islamic Republic, a Buddhist republic, an African republican, an American republican, a Mexican republic, a Chinese republic but not a Jewish republic

Oppression of Gays, teens, women and men but not oppression of Jewish gays, teens, women and men

Judaism with Jesus and without Jews, but not Judaism without Jesus and with Jews

Where the Scottish Socialist Party laughably states  “The unprovoked attack on the peace and humanitarian aid convoy in international waters is akin to the anti racism attacks on activists in the southern states of America in the 1960’s and the shooting of peaceful protesters in Sharpeville, South Africa in 1960.” they lose all credibility for Muslims are not best known for being either pacifists nor for going unarmed as often they slaughter those of their own kind Sunni ve Shite, prohibit Sufi and Baha’i, and I as a rational human being who has never own a firearm hold no false delusions that if I enter a war zone that I should not be shot and actually the chances are that I could get shot. As such petty bourgeois activists should best keep out of the way or face getting shot but not complain in acting under the risk of getting shot that they then do get shot.

Like the Greensboro North Carolina massacre of the C.W.P. don’t talk the talk and not do the walk as the Israelis have every right to defend their territory, as much as the Scottish Socialists have to preventing invasion of their offices, as after all as the State of Israel one has the legal right to make laws having achieved state power,  unlike the Scottish Socialist Party.

Which is perhaps why “The Scottish National Party, whose avowed goal is securing Scottish independence, surprised perhaps even itself then by winning a resounding majority in the Scottish Parliament and taking direct control of the Scottish government for the first time (it had been leading a fragile coalition government since 2007)”  (while the Scottish Socialsit Party lost all its seats in parliment.

(New York Times June 29, 2011 Notion of Independence Makes Halting Progress by SARAH LYALL June 29, 2011)


footnote*1 The Wars of Scottish Independence were a series of military campaigns fought between the independent Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.

The First War (1296–1328) began with the English invasion of Scotland in 1296, and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328. The Second War (1332–1357) began with the English-supported invasion of Edward Baliol and the “Disinherited” in 1332, and ended in 1357 with the signing of the Treaty of Berwick. The wars were part of a great national crisis for Scotland and the period became one of the most defining moments in the nation’s history. At the end of both wars, Scotland retained its status as an independent nation.

Footnte *2

  • The Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm
  • The Ottoman Empire (1299–1923)
  • Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba in Islamic Spain (929-1031)
  • The Emirate of Sicily (965-1072)
  • The Volga Bulgaria (922-1236)
  • The Golden Horde (1251-1502)
  • The Crimean Khanate (1441-1783)
  • The Bashkirs and Chuvash

Read more:​ogs/capitol/scotland_shame​_1m55VumF6IcbEYtRbPg2nM#ix​zz1S5Zx2MEL.

Scotland’s shame: Its socialist racists

10:21 AM, May 27, 2011 ι Abby W. Schachter

Ben Cohen writes about the decision by a local Scottish council to ban Israeli books from their library . Cohen likens the decision to ban Israeli books to the Nazi habit of burning books. He may be correct, but likely, the ban will not lead to book burning anytime soon. Does that mean there ought be no response to this hideous racist act? Tony Kushner just found out what outspoken criticism and hate speech against Israel can cost. He lost an honorary degree at CUNY and get a ton of bad press.

Banning Israeli books should cost Scotland something as well. At the very least voters should be told that a vote for the Socialist Party (which proposed baning products from Israel, which is what lead to the book ban) is a vote for hatred and racism.


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