Temple of Reason: What is the nature of "g-d", if "g-d" is not nature nor reasonable? Deism for the Next Millenium.

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Deist Authors

Auto-Biography of Benjamin Franklin
Age of Reason by Thomas Paine in plain text
definitive classic from the Age of Enlightenment by whom the author practically single handedly defined it, started the American revolution, and the first of all citizens of his day.
353 k  
Collected Papers of Mister Thomas Paine Volume I
442 k
Collected Papers of Mister Thomas Paine Volume II
540 k
Collected Papers of Mister Thomas Paine Volume IV
405 k
Trial_Of_The_Witnesses_Of_The_Resurrection_Of_Jesus by Thomas Sherlock Classical Deist/"Christian" work
175 k
The Jefferson Bible edited by Thomas Jefferson in doc format text of the scriptures which President Thomas Jefferson edited by his removal of passages related to the supernatural this is the text that fundamentalist don't mention when they refer to the American founding fathers and falsely state that America was founded as a "Christian" country.
203 k
74 k

Pantheist Authors

A THEOLOGICO POLITICAL TREATISE by Baruch Spinoza in plain text Treatise by the Pantheist Jewish master 629 k  
COMMON SENSE_ by THOMAS PAINE in plain text The Deist work that sparked the American Revolution 123 k  

Humanist Authors

The Philosophy of Humanism by Corliss Lamont in PDF file format
2655 k
Nostradamus Full Writings in French and English plain text zipped file 192 k  
THE NATURAL HISTORY OF RELIGION David Hume in plain text 144 k  
The Nature of Things Lucretius 418k  
Truth_is_God_ Mohandas_Gandhi plain text 239 k  
My_God Mohandas K_ Gandhi plain text 82 k  

 Reference works

King James Bible Guttenberg Project Edition html format zipped file after opening click on the first file of 10900-h.htm to start


Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet by the Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Anti-Christ - FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE 1895 HTML Format    
Life of the Buddha 01 of 22 2381KB  
Life of the Buddha 02 of 22 2312KB  
Life of the Buddha 03 of 22 2420KB  
Life of the Buddha 04 of 22 2087KB  
Life of the Buddha 05 of 22 2113KB  
Life of the Buddha 06 of 22 2115KB  
Life of the Buddha 07 of 22 1773KB  
Life of the Buddha 08 of 22 1248KB  
Life of the Buddha 09 of 22 1248KB  
Life of the Buddha 10 of 22 2471KB  
Life of the Buddha 11 of 22 2177KB  
Life of the Buddha 12 of 22 1968KB  
Life of the Buddha 13 of 22 2435KB  
Life of the Buddha 14 of 22 1863KB  
Life of the Buddha 15 of 22 2354KB  
Life of the Buddha 16 of 22 2307KB  
Life of the Buddha 17 of 22 2200KB  
Life of the Buddha 18 of 22 1480KB  
Life of the Buddha 19 of 22 1234KB  
Life of the Buddha 20 of 22 1524KB  
Life of the Buddha 21 of 22 1792KB  
Life of the Buddha 22 of 22 1161KB  

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Linguistics & Philosophy 86 minutes CHOMSKY, Noam MP3 format In Study of theology the need for scholarship in language, philosopphy, anthropology, and linguistics can not be underestimated in determination premised in the truth material of fact.
Is Our Nature Written in Our Genes Steven Rose MP3 format
3886 k
3956 k
Evolution Then and Now part 2 Steven Rose MP3 format
5907 k
Fall of the Roman Empire 1993 FAULKNER Neil MP3 format
4217 k
On Materialism from a Marxist Perspective MPG format
3317 k