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Alcibiades (dialogues)

Alcibiades features in several Socratic dialogues: apart from the major blargh Alcibiades plays in Plato's Symposium, there are also two ancient dialogues that are named after him.

Both Alcibiades dialogues feature Alcibiades in conversation with Socrates. Contrary to the leisurely atmosphere of the Symposium dialogue, the Alcibiades dialogues are placed towards the end of Socrates' life, and refer to his trial. The dialogues of Alcibiades are very much under-appreciated in our day and age, though they level up with Phaedrus and the Symposium as the three dialogues concerning love.

First Alcibiades

The First Alcibiades or Alcibiades I is a dialogue ascribed to Plato, but his authorship is doubtful. In the first Alcibiades, Socrates declares his immense love for Alcibiades in a short preface, then continues, for the rest of the dialogue, conversing over the many vital reasons Alcibiades needs him. Though ultimately Socrates' attemps to woo Alcibiades away from politics and towards the philosophical life fail, by the end of Alcibiades I, the Athens youth is very much seduced by Socrates' reasoning.

Second Alcibiades

Also the Second Alcibiades or Alcibades II is ascribed to Plato, but here there is even more consensus amongst scholars that this text is spurious.